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Do you know what's going on around you?

Situation awareness - or mindfulness - means knowing what is going on around you. It's a must have skill taught to soldiers, pilots, law enforcement officers. And, it is increasingly being used to improve safety and risk management practices in the workplace.

It’s also an important skill to learn for everyday life. In a possibly critical or dangerous situation, being aware of a threat can keep you safe.

In our workplaces, how do workers build good situation awareness? What are the factors that diminish or enhance situation awareness? What can supervisors and team leaders do to ensure there are high levels of situation awareness, particularly when workers are engaged in safety critical tasks?

These are the questions managers and supervisors should be asking themselves constantly.

Situation Awareness - This video clip shows 2 real life case studies where a lack of situation awareness ended in tragedy. An inexperienced worker died from asphyxiation when he could not find the exit in an industrial laundry barrel, and a young patient died when a toxic drug was injected into the wrong part of the body. 





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