BBC Disaster Series Overview

Overview of the BBC Disaster Series

This acclaimed series is now available in a totally new format with training support material. 

The BBC Disaster Series examines the world's most dramatic catastrophes using actual footage, re-creations and interviews with key decision makers.  This DVD set awakens the need for safety consciousness at every level of the organisation and each DVD is a valuable addition to your organisations training resources. No one who experiences these powerful DVDs will be unaffected by the lessons they convey.


What is the BBC Disaster Series?

The BBC disaster series is designed to help organisations make that vital move from the 'belief" that things can't go wrong, to the 'knowledge' that they can.  The 10 part series utilises case studies of major disasters from around the world from various industries, such as oil and gas, transport, aviation, aeronautics and space, chemical manufacturing and hospitality.

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A Comprehensive Training Resource

Each easy to understand workshop in the series can be run by facilitators even with minimal experience in presenting training courses.
Each training DVD package includes:
  • DVD
  • Facilitator's Guide including Facilitator's Checklist
  • Facilitator's Slide Guide
  • Participant's Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation

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The workshops for each DVD allows for a highly interactive learning environment in which participants undertake detailed Pre-event and Post-event analysis of each disaster.  This means they not only listen, but apply the lessons learned, in order to formulate solutions specific to their own workplace: they not only learn what went wrong, but how it could have been avoided.

Flexible delivery formats


Series of 10. UK:  £2690 plus VAT. Australia $3390 Plus GST. Other countries no tax
Each. UK: £395 plus VAT. Australia: $595 plus GST. Other countries: no tax