Falling Dominos of Macondo: A Failure of Defence in Depth

NEW Latest DVD Workshop release from Professor Andrew Hopkins

Following 2 years of critical analysis of the Deepwater Horizon Professor Hopkins wrote the  highly acclaimed  book Disastrous Decisions. 

From this analysis, 2 NEW DVD workshops have been produced. The Falling Dominos of Macondo and The Macondo Blowout:The Human and Organizational Causes.


Falling Dominos of Macondo is used by many organisations world wide including:

DNV • BP • Pan American Energy • BP • Perenco • Apache North Sea • Nexen • The Atomic Weapons Establishment  and many more in all industry sectors.



UK: £850. Australia: $1350 plus GST.  USA US$1095.


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In the DVD workshop, Falling Dominos of Macondo Professor Hopkins:

  • Analyses the failure of the barriers that should have prevented the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico and considers how independent the barriers were.
  • The barriers behaved like falling dominos, not just one or two had failed, it was system wide. Understanding the nature of these barriers permits a critical analysis of the system of defence in depth.
  • Professor Hopkins not only analyses why these failures contributed to multiple fatalities and devastating environmental disaster, he deconstructs the plans put in place in response to the blowout.

This DVD workshop is essential viewing for all senior managers in the oil and gas industries.

The Training package

  • 26 minute DVD workshop featuring Professor Hopkins and CD with supporting material.

Key learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the following key aspects of defence in depth:
  • Being aware that defence in depth can only work if the barriers operate independently of each other
  • Understanding what one must consider when developing response plans in the event of a blowout
  • Being aware that the organisational structure is what formed a basis for the choices made leading up to the Macondo Blowout
  • Being mindful of how a focus on commercial risk may contribute to failure of barriers

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Recommended Follow-Up Viewing:

Macondo Blowout: Human and Organisational Causes a DVD workshop focusing on the human and organisational causes of the Macondo Blowout.



Falling Dominos of Macondo