Macondo Blowout: The Human and Organisational Causes

Latest DVD Release featuring Professor Andrew Hopkins

Languages: Now available in Swedish and German

Following 2 years of critical analysis of the Deepwater Horizon Professor Hopkins wrote the highly acclaimed book Disastrous Decisions. 

From this analysis, 2 NEW DVD workshops have been produced. The Falling Dominos of Macondo: A Failure of Defence in Depth and The Macondo Blowout :The Human and Organizational Causes.




Macondo Blowout is used by many organisations world wide including:

DNV • BP • Pan American Energy • BP • Perenco • Apache North Sea • Nexen • The Atomic Weapons Establishment  and many more in all industry sectors.



UK: £850.  Australia: $1350 plus GST.  USA:  US$1095.


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In the DVD workshop The Macondo Blowout Professor Hopkins:

  • Analyses the organisational factors that contributed to poor engineering decisions made, with all the judgements centered on commercial risk.
  • Identifies that little consideration for major hazard risk was taken into account. He asks the question: Why was there no focus on major hazard risk? The important distinction between process safety and personal safety that Hopkins makes, answers this question.

This essential DVD workshop shows how it is important to understand the human and organisational causes identified and discussed in this program, to prevent such accidents from happening.

Training package includes

Facilitator's Guide

This Facilitator's Guide is provided to assist the presenter in conducting an effective program and consists of the following items:
Running Sheet – brief outline of suggested program.
Lesson Plan – detailed guidance and information for each session.
PPT Video Script – actual script of all words spoken on the PPT video.
Forms – the following forms are provided to assist in the administration of the program:  
  • Assessment Questionnaire 
  • Assessment Questionnaire Answer
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Workshop Evaluation Sheet
  • Certificate of Attendance

Facilitator's Reference Material

The Facilitator's Reference Material will enable the facilitator to familiarise themselves in more detail with the various topics and issues raised in the program and consists of the following:
  • Articles
  • Websites

PowerPoint Presentation

Designed for use by the facilitator, the presentation consists of review slides of each element, workshop activities and illustrative slides.
Professor Andrew Hopkins features in video clips as he develops the story of the human and organisational causes of the Gulf of Mexico Blowout. The individual slides are cross referenced in the Facilitators Guide to ease the task of inserting ‘local’ information should it be required.

Participant's Notes

To allow the participant's to follow the program and to record their own thoughts, observations and conclusions the participants notes are arranged to follow the PowerPoint presentation and consist of:
  • Script for each section consisting of the dialogue of Professor Hopkins
  • Notes space in each section for participants to record their own thoughts, observations and ideas
  • Activity for each section
  • Reference section

Action Plan

Supplied separately, the Action Plan is prepared by the participants and brings together their conclusions of what needs to be done in their organisation.

Key learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the following key causes of the Macondo Blowout and be able to apply lessons within their organisation:
  • Understanding how organisational structure may contribute to poor engineering decision making
  • Awareness of major hazard risk indicators
  • Preoccupation with safety before profit comes at a cost
  • Learning from other incidents
  • Understanding defence in depth
  • Awareness of the multi-causal nature of accidents

Recommended Follow-Up Viewing:

Falling Dominos: Failure of Defence in Depth – a DVD program focusing on the interdependence of the barriers that should have prevented the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Macondo Blowout and Falling Dominos Brochure