Major Malfunction

The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster shows danger signs overruled by a decision based on 'acceptable risk'.

This is one of the 10 DVDs in the acclaimed BBC series now available in a totally new format with expert training support material.
On 28 January 1986 at around 11:38 am local time, the Challenger Space Shuttle lifted off from the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. 73 seconds later the space vehicle exploded, claiming the lives of seven astronauts.The crew included a teacher, who was to have talked to school children from space, a vital factor in launching on a school day. A desperate struggle to delay the launch occurred based on the engineers' fears that vital 'O' ring rocket seals would fail at low temperatures.
Location: USA


Major Malfunction is used by hundreds of organisations world wide including:

Exxon Mobil • BP • Meddimune • Evonik • Subsea 7 • RAF • Maersk • Chevron Texaco • Eurocontrol • Qatar Petroleum  and many more in all industry sectors.


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Training package includes:

Each easy to understand workshop in the series can be run by facilitators even with minimal experience in presenting training courses.  In addition, tips and guidelines are included to help facilitators with every aspect of the workshop. 
  • DVD - duration 30 minutes
  • Facilitator's Guide including Facilitator's Checklist
  • Facilitator's Slide Guide
  • Participant's Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation
The workshops for each DVD allows for a highly interactive learning environment in which participants undertake detailed Pre-event and Post-event analysis of each disaster.  This means they not only listen, but apply the lessons learned, in order to formulate solutions specific to their own workplace: they not only learn what went wrong, but how it could have been avoided.

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English, Spanish subtitles, Portuguese, French, Indonesian

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BBC Disaster Series
The 10 part BBC Disaster Series examines case studies of major disasters from around the world from various industries such as oil and gas, transport, aviation, aeronautics, chemical manufacturing and hospitality.  Read more


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