Managing Generation Y

How to Manage Generation Y- New Release

Three generations are now in the workplace, and the youngest - Generation Y - are making their mark.  They view the workplace differently from Baby boomers or Generation X.  Having grown up with technology, they are digital natives - information and communication has always been instant. They want to go a long way in a short time: often don't settle for just being told, and want to know why. Being constantly connected with a social network is more often than not critical to survival.


Managing Generation Y is used by hundreds of organisations world wide including:

University of Hull • University of Roehampton • Peterborough Residential College • University of Sheffield and many more in all industry sectors.


Featuring comment from author and director of Essence Communications Penny Burke, James Masisi from Hippo Jobs and Susan Lin, Young Business Person of the Year, this program explores a range of issues and strategies associated with attracting, retaining, effectively managing and capitalising on the many strengths of Generation Y workers.



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Sample study guide


 Key Training Points:

  • Understanding the characteristics of Generation X and the Baby Boomers
  • Understanding the needs experiences and wants of Generation Y
  • Strategies for Managing Generation Y
  • Strategies for making working change in order to attract and retain Generation Y

Training package includes:

  • DVD -   18 minutes
  • Leader's Guide and Participant's Workbook  on CD

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UK: £499 plus VAT.

Managing Generation Y DVD
Managing Generation Y DVD

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