Managing Human Error

A comprehensive error management resource

Featuring Professor James Reason and Professor Patrick Hudson, this video resource covers sources of error, organisational culture and the links to safety and risk management strategies.



Managing Human Error is used by hundreds of organisations world wide including:

 • BP • Shell • Chevron • US Navy • BOC • Royal College of Nursing • National Transportation Safety Board • Federal Aviation Administration • Total and many more in all industry sectors.


Customer review

I strongly support this video package and commend it to all employers concerned with managing risks in major hazard industries. HSE has contributed to making these programs and developing the support materials. Our human factors specialists have provided advice on the videos so that it complements existing guidance on this topic.
Dr Paul Davies, Head of Hazardous Installations Directorate and Chief Scientist, HSE

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Sample study guide


Key points

  • Describes the Swiss Cheese Model
  • Allows easy application from toolbox to boardroom
  • Designed for use by the non-specialist facilitator
  • 3 DVDs
    • Why Things Go Wrong
    • Building a Safe Culture
    • HERO - Human Error Reduction Operation

Training package includes:

  • 3 DVDs
  • Presentations and PowerPoint slides with embedded video clips
  • Support materials including international case studies

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UK: £1995 . Australia: $2900 plus GST. USA:  US$2295


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