Mindful Leadership: Communication Skills

Professor Andrew Hopkins focuses on the communication skills safety leaders need

Mindful Leaders are acutely aware that the best of systems can fail, even though auditors might be assuring them that all is well.  They know that if they want to be sure their own systems are working as intended, they need to go and find out for themselves and undertake non-systematic auditing of their own. To be able to do this, Mindful Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively with workers.

Mindful Leaders:Communication Skills commences at 7.53 minutes on the trailer.





Mindful Leadership: Communication Skills is used by hundreds of organisations world wide including:

Centrica • Cargill• Shell • Euro Control • Tokyo Electron • BP • Kuwait National Petroleum Company and many more in all industry sectors.


Customer review

Andrew Hopkins provides critical insights and lessons on the cultural and organizational causes of major industrial accidents.  He conveys simple yet powerful messages that help people understand the complexities of HSE management systems. It is my hope that the petroleum industry will learn through Hopkins' message that superior safety results in safety performance is driven through mindful leadership and leadership's commitment to learn from previous incidents.
Dion W. Durdle, RasGas Company, Doha

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Key points

At the end of this workshop, safety leaders will learn communication skills including:
  • Where, Why and When to talk to workers
  • Who they should talk to
  • What to talk about and
  • How to talk

Training package includes:

  • DVD 16 minute featuring Professor Andrew Hopkins
  • CD with support material

About Professor Andrew Hopkins:

Professor Andrew Hopkins of the Australian National University is an internationally renowned presenter, author and consultant in the field of process safety and accident analysis.  Professor Hopkins was an expert witness at the Royal Commission into the Longford gas Plant Fire in 1998.  He was also consultant to the U.S. Chemical safety Board Investigation of the BP Texas City incident.  Andrew is the recipient of the 2008 ESSC Process Safety Award, and was consultant to the Australian Defence Forces on organizational culture.  He was engaged by the U.S. Chemical Board to assist in the investigation of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


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