Rules are meant to be....?

Mistakes • Violations • Consequences

Revitalize your rules training and get the behavioural change you need


The consequences of workplace rule violations can be severe.  So, tackling the issue of rules is always a priority. The challenge is getting the message across in a way that gets the message understood and remembered. 





Rules are meant to be...?  


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Cut through the fog of message overload

Rules are meant to be....?
Combines the universal language of football, English Premier League and US Soccer footage with real industry case studies, to deliver a powerful and consistent message.
Rules are meant to be ….? will revitalize your rules training and get the behavioural change you need in your operators, team leaders and managers.


Rules are meant to be....? is used by hundreds of organisations world wide including:

Nestle • Plains Midstream • Tokyo Electron • EuroControl • TAQA Bratani • Cobalt International Energy

Training Package includes:

3 individual trigger videos, each 4 minutes duration
  1. Why do we break rules?
  2. Simple mistake or violation? 
  3. How do we keep to the rules?
  • Extensive Trainer's Guide with 3, 25 minute training sessions
  • Participant's work book with exercises.

Trainer's Guide and Participant's Guide sample for evaluation



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Rules are meant to be....?