The Unflyable Plane

Employing great skill and teamwork "The Unflyable Plane" was landed by the pilot and c0-pilot saving the lives of the majority on board.

This is one of the 10 DVDs in the acclaimed BBC series now available in a totally new format with expert training support material.

On the afternoon of July 19 1989, a United Airline McDonnell Douglas DC10 aircraft lost engine number two soon after take off from Sioux City Airport.  The cockpit crew soon learned that not one, but three hydraulic systems had failed.The initiating factor was the disintegration of a fan in the number two (centre, tail) engine which caused the penetration of the hydraulics system and a loss of all three hydraulic controls.


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The aircraft could have flown with just one of the hydraulic systems functioning, and emergency manuals covered 'what to do' in the event of a failure in any two systems, but not 'what to do' in the event of failure of all three.
Employing great skill and teamwork 'The Unflyable Plane" was landed by the pilot and co-pilot at a nearby airport, saving the lives of the majority on board.  Subsequently all DC10s were alerted to prevent the recurrance of this problem.
Location: USA

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Each easy to understand workshop in the series can be run by facilitators even with minimal experience in presenting training courses.  In addition, tips and guidelines are included to help facilitators with every aspect of the workshop. 
  • DVD - duration 40 minutes
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The workshops for each DVD allows for a highly interactive learning environment in which participants undertake detailed Pre-event and Post-event analysis of each disaster.  This means they not only listen, but apply the lessons learned, in order to formulate solutions specific to their own workplace: they not only learn what went wrong, but how it could have been avoided.

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