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We know Universities and Colleges have specific needs regarding the type and delivery of video to students and staff. That's why we have this dedicated area of our website.

Intranet delivery on your University Learning Management System

Your students and staff want on demand access to DVD resources and information fast.  We can help you provide our DVDs on your university LMS in a simple, cost effective way

If you want to read more about the benefits of choosing Intranet delivery on your LMS for your staff and students, Daniel Bailey, Senior Lecturer The University of Northampton answers your questions. Read More

5 new contemporary video releases

These new videos will fit well with Business Management and Environmental Management courses.


Managing Generation Y


It's All About Culture


Manager and Friend The Right BalanceManager and Friend - The Right Balance


Environmental Sustainability in Business Envronmental Sustainability in Business


Enhancing Teamwork Enhancing Teamwork